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Steven Broadway

Parallel Circuit -- When Detective Castiel (Cast) Chavez discovers that one of his cases has been published as a fiction novel, he sets out to find the author. Furthermore, the novel reveals missing details of an unsolved murder plot that he can use to finally close the case. What Cast does not know is that author Achaia Imala is a clairvoyant cursed with visions of crimes as they happen. Tormented by what she sees, Achaia has closed herself to the world and her only means of support are the novels she writes based on her visions. This psychic connection brings Cast and Achaia together as she decides to expose her ability and help the detective with his current case. When Achaia gets a new vision of a young woman kidnapped, she reaches out to the only person she knows that can help, Detective Chavez. The search exposes a disposing network that expands through the southwest. As Cast and Achaia set out to rescue the abducted women, feelings evolve between the two. When Achaia goes missing, Cast must rescue her as well before she becomes one of the disappeared.

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My Story

I am a former High School Earth Science teacher. I was born in Puerto Rico, and I grew up in New York City where I currently reside in The Bronx (yes The is capitalized as it is part of the name of the borough).


As I taught about the wonders of planet Earth, many times I told my students how a phenomenon, and its effects on planet Earth, would make for a great science fiction story. Well, I took heed of my own hype and wrote my first science fiction novel: Ignite Earth Red Giant. 


Now I have taken a leap of faith and changed careers so I can write full-time. Parallel Circuit is my second novel; a crime-drama. And I have started my third -- a futuristic suspense thriller. will be my home base to share current and future novel news along with my interest and other creative achievements.

My other Book

IGNITE EARTH RED GIANT -- Set millions of years from now on the eve of a transforming sun, twelve giant rockets have been built and fused into earth with the purpose of pushing the planet from its current orbit towards a safer distance. But there are some who believe firing the rockets will set the earth down a path of doom, so they set out to destroy the machines. The race is on to protect the remaining sites when one explosion triggers the start of IGNITE rather than disable it; sites that will be essential for steering and stopping the planet. Hope, fight, and betrayal ensues when protectors of IGNITE clash with those against it. Each side will do what they must to preserve not just their lives, but the planet. All in the face of murder, as one man is prepared to kill for the status of leader of the dwindling population. Or worse, let the planet die if his diabolical plan to use Earth’s perilous situation for his gain fails.

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"I have read MANY MANY Sci FI books and I enjoyed Ignite Earth RED GIANT. It was absorbing and thoughtful and I finished it swiftly - what I like. I hope the author is inclined to write more!"
- Lori A.M. ( review)

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Next Book

Blue Nevus - Futuristic Suspense Novel
Expected Release Date December 2024

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